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  • Books List for Class 6 Middle Cambridge

    Parents/Guardians can find the books list for class 6 Middle Cambridge section from the mentioned below link.

    Click here for Class 6 Middle Cambridge Books List

  • Updated Online Classes Schedule

    With effect from Monday, August 10, 2020, the online classes time table has been revised.

    Parents/Guardians and Students are required to check the following link for complete details

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  • A2 Level Online Classes

    The online classes for A2 Level will begin from 03rd August 2020.

    Students can find their time table in the below mentioned link.

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  • CAIE Exams – Oct-Nov 2020 & Credit Note Information

    Parents/Guardians and Students are required to check the following notice regarding
    CAIE Exams Oct-Nov 2020 session & Credit Note Information from Cambridge.

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  • Online Classes for Middle Cambridge

    The Online Classes for Middle Cambridge section (VI-IX) will commence from July 15, 2020. Parents/Guardians and Students can find the Class Lists, Book Lists, Class Schedule, Guideline for Online Classes, etc. from below mentioned link.

    Note: The class and book lists of grade VI will be uploaded once the selection list has been finalised.

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  • Assignments for Classes I, II & III

    It is to inform that there will be no online classes for classes I, II & III of both Morning & Afternoon, instead they will be provide activities, assignments, homework etc. Click the following link for more details.

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  • Online Teaching – Urgent Notice

    Parents/Guardians are requested to read the notice mentioned in the following link.

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  • Class IX Lists – Morning & Afternoon

    The Class Lists of Class IX Morning & Afternoon are posted, kindly check the following list details.

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  • On-Line Classes Time Table for X & XI (Upper-Cambridge)

    The time table for classes X & XI Upper Cambridge is posted, check the link below for details. On-Line classes will begin from July 1st, 2020.

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  • Books for Class XI – Upper Cambridge

    The books of class X (Upper Cambridge) is still valid and will be used in Class XI.

Online Classes Information

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About School

St Patrick’s High School is located in Saddar Town, Karachi, Pakistan. The institution is the one of the oldest in the city and is held in high esteem across the globe. Established on May 6, 1861, it was founded and managed by the Society of Jesus for almost 75 years after which The Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans) took charge. The school was officially registered as a high school in 1867. Since 1950, it has been run by the diocesan clergy of the Archdiocese of Karachi. Our first Pakistani principal was Fr. Stephen Raymond, who was an Alumnus of the school.

Education at St. Patrick’s begins at ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education) – Kindergarten – and carries on till Matriculate (HSC), or CAIE Advanced Level (Cambridge).

For over 150 years, we have served the people of the sub-continent and Pakistan by providing accessible education without discrimination. Patricians have made their mark all around the world, contributing in numerous ways to the progress and betterment of society. The School has produced well-known leaders and public figures, entrepreneurs, social workers, civil society leaders, top-class sportspeople and athletes, high-ranking officers in the Armed Forces, and politicians.

St. Patrick’s High School is indeed an institution, continuing to progressively educate without bias and instill a value-system that aims at elevating Pakistan to new heights around the globe.

The School is owned by the Roman Catholic Church (Archdiocese of Karachi) and managed by the Catholic Board of Education Karachi in Pakistan.

Browse our website to find out more about the school.

Vision & Mission


As a school of the Catholic Board of Education, Karachi, St. Patrick’s High School aspires to be:

An authentic Catholic Educational Community that celebrates and reflects ‘acting justly, loving tenderly and walking humbly with God’ (Micah 6:8).

A dynamic educational community for boys, young men and young women that maximises their potential to be both active contributors to and visionary voices within an ever-changing society.

An inclusive community, which continuously seeks to create and renew respectful, compassionate relationships by which all can experience what it means to be fully human.


St. Patrick’s High School has strong learning and academic traditions where every student is encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning in an environment that values knowledge, excellence, scholarship and innovation. It does this through:

Fostering personal worth and belonging, tolerance, compassion and generosity. Educating boys, young women and young men holistically in spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, physical, cultural and social dimensions of life. Providing a safe and sustainable environment in which St. Patrick’s students can learn and live. Providing a curriculum that is challenging and develops the core competencies of the 21st century learners such as collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking and problem-solving using appropriate technology and engaging methodologies informed by good pedagogy. Fostering a personal responsibility for learning as a lifetime’s work. Recognising the family as the primary educators of our students and collaborate with parents for the development of their sons and daughters.

School Anthem

With glorious flag aloft we march
To knowledge and to truth
With wisdom’s grace
to light the face
Of all our bravest youth

St. Patrick, St. Patrick
Rise up with faith ablaze
With hope’s pure light
Disperse the night
And guide our separate ways.

With courage high and hearts aflame
We venture into life
In street and field
we boldly wield
Our honour, bright mid strife

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Our Principal

School Alumni

Our school alumni have excelled in different career fields. We are proud of our each and every student

Our School Alumni