Upper Cambridge

The Upper Cambridge Section of St. Patrick’s High School comprises:

  • Year X – Cambridge (Ordinary Level – Year One)
  • Year XI – Cambridge (Ordinary Level – Year Two)
  • Year XII- Cambridge (Advanced Level – First Year)
  • Year XIII – Cambridge (Advanced Level – Second Year)

We offer the following subject groups tailored to meet the admission requirements of local (IBCC) and foreign universities:

  • Pre-Medical
  • Pre-Engineering
  • Commerce

The section is recognized by the Directorate of Cambridge Advanced International Examinations through their local representative: the British Council Karachi. The school is registered with the Education Testing Service (ETS) in New Jersey, USA , which administers the TOEFL tests. Our code is 8051. The school is also registered with ATP College Board for the SAT I and SAT II tests. Our code is 690180.

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