Spectrum IX

Taking place on 7th, 8th and 9th February 2020 at St. Patrick's High School, Karachi

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About Us

Organized by The Gauss Club, the science society of our Upper Cambridge Section comprising students of grade 10 to 13 (O' and A' Levels), Spectrum has been a platform, for students from schools all over Karachi, that aims to galvanize participants and spectators alike into realizing, without fear, that the potential to change the future lies in their hands.

Every year, competitive teams of talented students from all over Karachi participate in Spectrum and showcase their scientific talent and acumen. Having transformed into a science Olympiad, Spectrum aims to gather budding scientists on one platform, and seeks to evoke and enable the innovator in them. Moreover, our visitors comprises of hundreds of students from participating and non-participating schools, parents, educationalists, and alumni to name a few. The judging panel and guests are hailed from some of the leading think-tanks and organizations of Pakistan.


Each team can select three of the following six modules

Biological Breakdown

Prepare for your mettle to be tested by this tantalizing challenge of your wits. Keep eyeing the clock and let the jargon flow steady as the Biological Breakdown might just break you.

Chemical Conundrum

The different reactants which make this module up are sure to produce the most exciting reactions. Make sure you know your correct reaction pathways, you might just get lost.


Do you see the world a little numerically? Is the game of life, a game of constants and variables for you? Test your abilities at the Phythamatics module.


The criminal is on the loose. Do you have the guts to pick up clues and making judgements; then this is just the module for you.

Race Against Time

Even Godspeed might fail you in this test of might and mind. Time is running out, sign up for the RAT today!

Humpty Challenge

Kinesthetic learners will find this module well suited for an adrenaline fueled, hands on experience with common materials - just to make them not-so common.

Team Spectrum IX

Abdullah Jahangir

Spectrum head

Muhammad Ammar

Spectrum head

Ayeza Abbasi


Humzah Naveed

Humpty Module Head

Huzaima Khan

Humpty Challenge Module Head

Hafsa Rashid

RAT Module Head

Asad Khan

RAT Module Head

Syed Ali Meesum

Biological Breakdown Module head

Sarib Zaman

Biological Breakdown Module Head

Hiba Inaam Malick

Criminalistics Module Head

Alicia Rozario

Criminalistics Module Head

Farhan Siddiqui

Chemical Conundrum Module Head

Salman Saleem Khan

Chemical Conundrum Module Head

Abbas Raza Zaidi

Phythamatics Module Head

Muhammad Ali Haider

Event Coordinator

Sohil Anwar

Assistant Event Coordinator

Contact Us

Mubarak Shaheed Rd, Central Jacob Lines Karachi,
Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan



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