• St. Patrick’s High School, Ahmed Munir S.J. Shaheed Road, Saddar, Karachi. 74400

Early Childhood Care and Education

The ECCE Section focuses on active learning where the children learn by exploring things from their environment. We demonstrate an understanding of each student’s coginitive, physical, social and emotional development and thus create the learning opportunities that support student’s academic development. Our class environment facilitates a climate that encourages fairness, positive social interaction and self motivation.

Curriculum Focus:

We demonstrate the understanding of subject matter areas and create meaningful learning experiences. we focus on Personal social development, language and literacy, Basic Mathematical Concepts, World around us, Health Hygiene Safety and Creative Arts.

Section Head

Mrs. Annie Sam

Academic Calendar

April 2018

  • All about me
  • Our Earth
  • Animals

May 2018

Summer Season
  • Fruit and Juice day 4th May 2018


Our Country
  • Independence Day Celebration 14th August 2018
  • Eid Milan Party 31st August 2018

September 2018

  • Parents & Teachers Meeting
  • Flowers Day

October 2018

  • Community Helpers
  • Mid Term Assessments
  • Teacher Day Celebration

November 2018

  • 24th November Sports Day
  • Children’s Day Celebration
  • Field Trip

December 2018

  • Winter Season
  • Christmas Concert
  • Christmas Party

January 2019

  • Colors, Shapes
  • 2nd PTM
  • Colors Day Celebration

February 2019

  • Healthy and Junk Food
  • Healthy Food Day

End of February-March 2019

  • Final Assessment
  • Report Day

Co-curricular activities

  • Festival Celebration
  • Rhyme Time
  • Health and Hygiene Activity
  • Show and Tell
  • Hand writing Activity
  • Play dough Modeling
  • Dance / Music
  • Wrapping/Folding Paper
  • Painting/Colouring Activity
  • Sand Tracing
  • Movie Time


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