Message from Head of the Department

I am thankful to our Principal Dr. Margret Madden for giving me an opportunity to showcase my skills by leading this Information and Communications Technology Section of the school. ICT plays a catalytic role in enhancing learning in classroom and beyond. It also continues to bring about profound changes to almost all facets of our lives and transform activities as basic as how we work, communicate with each other, and enjoy our leisure time. We recognize that ICT is now an integral element of 21st century life. Whether used for learning, social reasons or communication, ICT will form a powerful part of the life of the students and staff in our Institution. I wish to utilize and build upon this.

This Section is divided into further two subsections, Technical Support & Queries Section & Academics Section. Also, Students will be participating in up-coming numerous Competitions which will not only boost their self-confidence but help them to explore the advancement in Technology.

Being a Patrician myself, it’s not less than an honor for me to serve my Patrician Community.
May God Bless you all,

Best Wishes.

Arsalaan Iqbal

Head of ICT Section

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