Environment is the surrounding in which we live. It is the source of our live as we depend on the environment. It directs our life and determines our proper growth and development. Good or bad quality of our natural environment around us. There is a balance natural cycle which exists between environment and lives of human beings, plant and animals. Human society is playing a vital role on degenerating the natural environment which negatively affect the life of the plant.

All the human action in this modern world directly impact the eco-system. We must not forget that the human being is first and for most an animals sharing living space with others, animals species in an environment on which they are naturally dependents. It is our responsibility to save our environment and earth and make the possibility of healthy and happy life here.

Alliya Siddique and Maaz
Class: IX O (Matric Afternoon)

Live for others

Long time ago, an old man was planting mango trees. His son asked him,”What are you doing?” The old man politely replied, “I am planting mango trees.” The son asked his father,”Do you know that you will not get mango from these trees as they have grown old.” The father replied,”I know that very well. But the mangoes which we are gathering were not planted by us, someone else has planted them. so we are planting for others.”

The moral of this small story is that we should live for others rather than living for ourselves.

Muhammad Haris
Class: IX N (Matric Afternoon)