Scouting in St. Patrick’s High School – Karachi

Scouting is one of the extra-curricular activities the School takes pride in. The troop is now over 70 years old. Lord Baden Powell, the founder of Scouting said “a true scout is looked up to by other boys and boys grown-up as a boy be trusted a boy who is calm and cheerful no matter how great the difficulty before him. We the scouts of today follow the trail mapped out by our founder and are always prepared to do a good deed every day.
Scouts who have been through the troop are now successful urea all over the world and are grateful to the troop for what they are. The Commander Karachi [Navy] once remarked during a visit to the school as chief guest that it was scouting that gave him the inspiration to join the navy. There is a well-known saying in scouting “Once a Scout always a Scout”.

Every year the troop is called upon to help out prestigious organization at functions where the chief guest is either the President of Prime Minister of the country. The troop also helps handicapped association, etc with their various humanitarian activities.

Two camps are held every year the summer and winter camp. Our scouts have been to places like Quetta, Ziaarat, Swat, Kalam, Moenjodaro, Sukkur, Falakeat, Behrain, Ayubia, Burbon, Nathiagali, Hyderabad and Thatta.
The troop has always kept up the name of the troop where ever they have been Even in remote areas, people know the St. Patrick’s Troop.

Camp Fire is often held in Karachi and other areas of Pakistan. People in all walks of life have attended and participated in these camp fires. Our scouts have carried out various activities on snow, hiked through rough terrain swan in stream and river, climbed mountains camped in burgles.
Meeting is help every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the Scout Den. Once a month an Over-Night camp is held in the school premises. Every three months a camp is organized in the interiors in Sindh.
Training activities are also organized many times a year. Pioneering project like monkey bridges, towers and lantern stands are made 10 to 25 kilometer hikes are also organized.

Scouts of St. Patrick’s High School also participate in community development; helping the poor and important aspects in Scouting. Many a times our scouts go on field trips to do a good deed.

The troop also has its activities with District, Provincial and National Headquarters and often participates in their activities; the present troop consists of 55 to 85 scouts who are divided into 4 patrols, namely, Bats, Hounds, Tigers and Wolves. Most of the scouts are trained and actively participate in all activities. Many of the senior scouts who are presently in colleges and Universities come often and help with all activities. Under the inspiring leadership of its Principal Dr. Margaret Madden, the troop is being geared to make its contribution to the progress of the country.

At present the Group Scout Leader Mr. Wilfred Orr had received the certificate of the LETTER OF COMMENDATION from Mr. Mamoon Hussain, President and Chief Scout of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, on September 02 2018, a great honor for our troops.