St. Patrick’s High School qualifies for Global Round in World’s Scholars Cup 2019

February 27, 2019 – WSC (World’s Scholars Cup) is an international team academic programme with students participating from 82 countries. St Patrick’s High School was privileged to host WSC’s 2019 Regional Round for students of Karachi. 5 schools participated with over 50 teams.

Four teams of St Patrick’s High School participated won over 57 medals, 3 trophies and qualified for the Global Round to be soon held in Sydney!

The students are as follows:

Aiman Siddiqui
Shaheer Raza
AbdAllah Farooqi

Zekiel Gulab
Muhammad Imad Raza
Muhammad Saad

Taha Rao
Vishal Parkash
Ebad Khan

Abbas Zaidi
Shannen Nadeem
Craydon Maloney

Bake Sale 2019

The Bake Sale was held on Thursday February 14, 2019, in both Morning and Afternoon shifts respectively.

Stalls of food and games were setup by students and teachers helping them to learn about organizing and teamwork.