• P.P. Fernandes
    Hockey Olympian, 1932 Berlin
  • O.B. Nazareth
    Co-Manager, Pakistan Hockey team 1948 Olympics
  • Milton D’Mello
    Hockey Olympian, 1948 London
  • Jack Britto
    Hockey Olympian, 1952 Helsinki
  • Anthony D’Mello
    Founder BCC India & Brabourne Stadium
  • Wallis Mathais
    Test Cricket
  • Antao D’Souza
    Test Cricket
  • B. D’Cunha
    Cricket, Kenya
  • Khalid Wazir
    Test Cricket
  • Iqbal Sikander
    Test Cricket
  • Shahid Mehboob
    Test Cricket
  • Danesh Kaneria
    Test Cricket
  • Hasan Raza
    Test Cricket
  • John Permal
    National Champion, Athletics 1964 – 1974
  • Michael Rodrigues
    National Champion, Table Tennis
  • Mubaraz Ashraf
    National Rowing Champion 1990
  • Mennen Soares
    Represented Pakistan in Badminton 1954
  • Shameem Haroon
    National Table Tennis Player 1954
  • Kamal Shoaib
    National Table Tennis Player
  • Ateed Rias
    National Table Tennis Player
  • Minoo Mavalwala
  • Lenny Dias
  • Earl Cordeiro
  • Veron UChong

Corporate Sector

  • Rafiq Bhimji
    Efu General Pakistan
  • Munir Bhimjee
    EFU General Pakistan
  • Ashfaq Hussain
  • Jerome D’Silva
  • Iqbal Ebrahim
    Orient Textile
  • Arif Habib Teli
    Globe Textile
  • Shabbir Diwan
    Gatron Industries
  • Tanveer Jamshed (TJ)
    Fashion Designer
  • Roland De Souza
    Electrical Engineer & Social Activist
  • Alferd Fonseca
  • Latif Galadari
    Business Magnate, UAE
  • Salim Issa
    Fancy Time Corporation
  • Jamshed Quereshi
    Bond’s Advertising
  • Shahid Feroz
    Director, Arfeen Group of Companies
  • Kadir Shajani
    Shajani Trading
  • Mumtaz Hasan Khan
    Hascol Group
  • Muhammad Saeed Ansari
    Chairman & Chief Executive,
    United Tools & Hardware Company (Pvt.) LTD.
  • Saifuddin Zoomkawala
    Chairman of Board, EFU Life Insurance
  • Valentine Gonsalves
    Managing Director, Alpha Insurance Co. LTD.
  • Tariq Wajid
    Managing Director, Novartis Pharmaceuticals
  • Anwar Yahya
    Managing Director, BP Bread
  • Sikander Sultan
    Managing Director, Shan Foods Limited
  • Wajahat (Woody) Iqbal
    Managing Director, Johnson & Johnson
  • Sultan Ali Allana
    Chairman, Habib Bank Limited
  • Zouhair A. Khaliq
    President & CEO, Mobilink
  • Nadeem Hussain
    President & CEO, Tameer Microfinance Bank
  • Shamshad Nabi
    CEO, Mutual Funds Association of Pakistan
  • Fuad Hashmi
    CEO, Gestetner Pakistan
  • Javed Akbar
    CEO, Engro Vopak
  • Iqbal Shekhani
    CEO, Culligan Water Pakistan
  • Arshad Hashmi
    Company Secretary, Hubco

Public Sector

  • Joseph D’Mello
    Chairman, Pakistan Railways Board
  • Arif Ali Khan Abbasi
    Managing Director, PIA and Chairman PCB
  • Iqbal Akram
    The World Bank
  • Ahmed Chinoy
    Chief, Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC)
  • Jamshed Azim Hashmi
    Chairman, Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA)
  • Majyd Aziz Balagamwala
    Ex-President Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Captain Abdul Aleem Baakza
  • Captain Bilal Anwar Sheikh
  • Captain Amir Aftab


  • Irfan Hussain
    Senior Writer, Dawn
  • Walter Fernandes
    Sports Reporter, Dawn
  • Ian Fyfe
    Sports Reporter, Dawn
  • Rizwan Wasti
    TV Personality
  • Dr. Khadim Hussain Baloch
    Sports GP & Cricket Statistician
  • Abdul Wahab Jaffer
  • Abdullah Kadwal
    TV Personality
  • Norman D’Souza
  • Deepak Perwani
    Fashion Designer
  • Adnan Siddiqui


  • Patrick Mendes
    50 years as Teacher in St. Patrick’s High School
  • O.B.Nazareth
    50 years as Teacher in St. Patrick’s High School
  • Bertram De Souza
    50 years as Teacher/Principal in St. Bonaventure’s School, Hyderabad
  • Rev. Fr. Stephen Raymond
    Principal St. Patrick’s School & College and St. Patrick’s Technical School and St. Patrick’s Teachers’ Training College
  • Rev. Fr. D’Arcy De Souza
    Principal, St. Patrick’s College
  • Rev. Fr. Edward D’Cruz
    Principal, St. Xavier’s College, Bombay
  • Rev. Fr. Herbert D’Souza
    Principal, St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad
  • Prof. Leo A. De souza
    Principal, D.J. Science College, Karachi
  • Hassanaly A. Rehman
    Principal, S.M. Law College, Karachi
  • Fr. Luperc Mascarenhas
    Principal, St. Patrick’s High School, Mauripur Branch
  • Prof. Oswin Mascarenhas
    Principal, St. Patrick’s School & College, also Principal St. Lawrence’s Boys’ School and Principal St. Patrick’s Girl’s School
  • Rev. Fr. Armando Trindad
    Principal, St. Lawrence’s Boys’ School and St. Paul’s High School
  • Rev. Fr. Egidio Trindad
    Principal, St. Paul’s Urdu School
  • Rev. Fr. Canisius Mascarenhas
    Principal, St. Lawrence’s Boys’ School
  • Simon D’Lima
    Principal, PAF Model School and also Principal, St. Peter’s High School
  • Rev. Fr. Max Rodrigues
    Principal, St. Paul’s English High School
  • Rev. Fr. Robert D’silva
    Founder, St. Anthony’s High School
  • Bishop Anthony Lobo
    Principal, St. Patrick’s High School
    Founder, Notre-Dame Institute of Education
    Founder and Principal, St. Patrick’s Girl’s High School
    Founder, St. Michael’s Convent High School
  • Rev. Fr. Anthony Martis
    Principal, St. Paul’s High School
  • Rev. Fr. Joseph Paul
    Principal, St. Patrick’s High School
  • Fr. Theo Braganza
    Founder and Principal of St. Mary’s School
  • Julian Fernandes
    Founder & Principal, St. Xavier’s Commercial Institute
  • Diego Menezes
    Founder & Principal, Catholic Commerical Institute
  • Prof. Dr. Khursheed Ahmed
    Ex-Dean Aga Khan University
  • Prof. Dr. Waris Qidwai
    Chair, Dept of Family Medicine, Aga Khan University
  • Prof. Joseph D,cruz
    Prof. Emeritus, Canadian University
  • Prof. Waqar Hussain Kazmi
    Principal, Karachi Medical & Dental College
  • Dr. Nasar Qureshi
    Ph.D (USA)
  • Dr. Muhsin Sheriff
    Director ICAP, Columbia University, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Dr. Amin H. Karim
    Interventional Cardiologist (USA)
  • Dr. Masood Sheikh
  • Dr. Iftikhar Salahuddin
    ENT Specialist
  • Dr. Naseem Shekhani
    Board Certified, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (USA)
  • Dr. Nadeem Ahsan
    Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine (USA)
  • Dr. Asif Cochinwala
    Rheumatologist (USA)

Early Admissions Open!
AS Level (Grade XII)

Applications for EARLY ADMISSION to the new Grade XII (AS Level) session (commencing September 2019) will be accepted from December 01, 2018 until January 31, 2019 only.

Walk-in interviews (candidate and parent) from 8.00 am to 12.00 pm Monday – Saturday.

(NB: The Admissions Office will remain closed on December 24, 25 and 26 due to Christmas Break.)
Please see the Information on Admissions 2019 document for details.

A limited number of seats are offered to aspiring candidates. Please ensure the admission forms along with supporting documents are submitted to the Upper Cambridge Admissions Office within the stipulated time.

All documents are available at the following links: