Introduction to Upper Cambridge Societies

As a school with a rich history steeped in tradition, we take our responsibility of educating young minds in our care very seriously. We aim to instill in our students compassion, tolerance and unconditional respect towards others, and make positive contributions to society. With a firm belief in the immense potential that our students have, we gladly take on the role of preparing them for real-world challenges.

Here at St. Patrick’s High School, we facilitate this by empowering students to head and manage the various societies we have.


Welcome to St. Patrick’s High School’s Dramatics society. Theatre helps us to develop our creativity. It teaches us about people, places, and ideas to which we would not otherwise be exposed. It is a cultural space where society examines itself in a mirror. It has long been looked upon as a laboratory in which we can study the problems which confront society and attempt to solve those problems. We encourage you to flaunt your acting skills. Let’s make the year full of drama, freedom of expression, suspense and excitement.


St. Patrick’s Harmonics Society is for individuals with a passion for music. The purpose of the society is to coordinate and organize all musical events within the school under one umbrella and give a chance to aspiring musicians and people interested in the art to step up and explore their talent.

The society organizes a few of mega events in an academic year including RockMania, the proceeds of which go to a need-based scholarship fund.


Budding event organizers? This society plans and organizes the two major events of the year, the Masquerade (a welcome party for the AS) and the Farewell. It also pitches in with the planning and implementation of various school events undertaken by the Upper Cambridge.


St. Patrick’s Literary Society has always been teemed with bookworms and aspiring writers. The society is also responsible for publishing the Patrician Times, our very own monthly newsletter. Furthermore, the society also encourages literary competitions in and out of school.

Gauss Club

The Gauss Club is the hub for all the scientific minds in the school. It hosts one of the biggest science competitions every year – Spectrum. Schools from all over the country eagerly await to participate and show their mettle. It is a great opportunity for young minds to share ideas and collaborate on projects.

The Debating Society

Public speaking is a great skill to have in life. Parliamentary debate, with its emphasis on impromptu speaking, develops excellent communication skills and teaches you to think on your feet. Debate also teaches the tricks of the trade — eye contact and effective gestures — and teaches students poise, presence and confidence. In addition to these benefits, students’ active role in running and promoting the debating society helps them take on leadership roles at an early age. We are proud to host two of the most notable debating competitions every academic year – Bishop Anthony Lobo Debating Competition and the All Pakistan Declamation contest.

Sports Society

Sports help in building character. It teaches the value of team work and spirit. It enables one to cope with victory as well as defeat. This society ensures that students interested in sports have a fair chance to display their abilities in the field. Friendly matches between schools for any sports are always welcome and are a part of the routine. Among other achievements, we are proud to host the Shamrock Cup – a badminton tournament eagerly awaited by all. Inter-house tournaments and athletics are


St. Patrick’s Media Society provides students the opportunity to learn and apply their skills in the digital realm. SPAMS constitutes photography, videography and graphic designing. It is one of the most active societies in the school. It covers all events in photos and videos. It is responsible for all digital art online and on posters advertising any event at school. It coordinates with all societies and caters to their media requirements.

Care & Share Society

Giving back to society is an important part of being human. St. Patrick’s Care and Share Society is here to give the students an opportunity to fill someone’s life with hope! Students learn to give back to society through voluntary programs at Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (S.I.U.T), National Institute of Child Health (N.I.C.H), The Kidney Centre (T.K.C), WWF and Maryville among others. An annual bake sale is also hosted by the society to help raise money for the underprivileged.


The Gambit Society is where the scrabble and chess whizzes come together in a battle of wits. It provides students with a platform to meet new players and challenge each other, increasing their prowess in the process. The Gambit Society hosts Mind Boggle every year which is one of the biggest inter-school chess and scrabble tournaments hosted by any school in Karachi.

Rowing Club

The Rowing Club is an upcoming society at our school. As part of the club, you will be introduced to the sport of rowing. Coaching and training will be provided at Karachi Boat Club through school. Rowing is a very popular sport and learning this skill will greatly enhance physical as well as mental capabilities. Also, participation in competitions will develop leadership


The orientation for AS Level students is on Saturday, 01 September 2018 at 10.00 am. Please be seated in the school auditorium by 9.45 am.

Students must come in uniform and should be accompanied by their parents.

NB: Classes commence on Wednesday, 05 September 2018.


Applications are being accepted as few seats remain available. Admissions will close on Tuesday, 04 September 2018.

YEAR 12 (AS Level) Admissions Open

Applications to the Year XII (AS Level) session (commencing September 2018) will be accepted from Friday 24th August 2018

A limited number of seats are offered to aspiring candidates. Please ensure the admission forms along with supporting documents are submitted to the Upper Cambridge Admissions Office within the stipulated time.

Please note the Admissions Office will be closed from Tuesday 21st August, 2018 to Thursday 23rd August, 2018. Admissions office will be open on Friday 24th August, 2018 and Saturday 25th August 2018 from 9.00 AM to 12.30 PM.